A new WaterLase laser was purchased in Regional Dental Care!

iPlus dental laser Biolase (USA)

Waterlase iPlus is the fifth generation dental laser for working with any type of tissue. With the latest Biolase technologies, the device allows working at a new level with soft and hard tissues, achieving the necessary results with high speed and maximum comfort, both for the doctor and for the patient.

Waterlase iPlus advantages:

  • Twice as fast as similar laser systems.
  • More effective, safe and more comfortable than traditional dental instruments. Operations on solid tissues are performed at the same speed as with the use of dental borer, but there are no microcracks, heat, noise, vibration, no risk of infection, the patient practically does not feel discomfort.
  • Simplicity and comfort of work due to unique solutions:
    • Control system. Large color touch screen, more than 50 standard programs with the ability to adjust, the presence of prompts and self-testing systems.
    • The laser ray is transmitted through a highly flexible fiberoptic fiber that does not allow energy loss, while providing the dentist with maximum freedom of manipulation.
    • Two unique tips with a 360-degree rotation system, bright shadowless illumination, a light and miniature head, provide the best overview of the work area, efficiency and comfort of work.

WATERLASE iPlus domain of usage

Soft tissue processing 

Better performance by increasing the duration of the pulse. A ray of light cuts through the tissue without pain and bleeding. There is no damaging effect on surrounding tissues, edema and bacteremia reduces as the laser has a detrimental effect on microflora.

  • Gingivoplasty. Changes the shape of the marginal gums to form a beautiful smile.
  • Gingivectomia. During the Waterlase procedure, there is no bleeding, the tissues are calm, without edema, which allows restoration and fixation of the crown on the same day.
  • Frenectomy. Quickly and easily removes the frenum of the tongue, upper and lower lips bloodlessly and without the use of anesthetics or with a minimal amount of blood.
  • Gum tissue treatment. Applies beautiful “finishing lines” without the expense of time and labor.
  • Seamless removal of fibromas. A clean surface with minimal concern to the patient.
  • Biopsy. A clean, sterile biopsy.
  • Hemostasis. Bloodless soft tissue surgery. Improved tissue coagulation.
  • Aphthous ulcer treatment. It blocks the nerve endings, which significantly reduces the pain of the patient.


  • Unlike conventional curettage of periodontal pockets it quickly removes granulations, sterilizes surfaces and biostimulates tissue without bleeding and seams, increasing metabolism and regeneration, reducing the depth of periodontal pockets.
  • Extension of the tooth clinical crown due to bone tissue. Waterlase cuts soft, hard tissue and bone equally well. Only one tool is used to create the necessary space in aesthetic restoration.

Surgical procedures are performed atraumatically:

  • Implant exposure;
  • Sinus lifting;
  • Bone graft collection.

Currently, the doctors of the Regional Clinical Dental Care are introducing work on the Waterlase iPlus laser into practice.

On 08-12-2017, a master class in mastering the methods of working with a hydrokinetic laser under the guidance of Yaroslav Vladimirovich Filatov, medical director of the Laser Smile dental clinic, certified biolase lecturer on the use of laser technologies in dentistry was held.